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Quotes This woman rocks. I have been on thousands of shows, and Christina's Nitschmann's Savvy Central Radio is by far one of the most intuitive and compelling interview shows on BlogTalkRadio right now. She gets to the heart of the matter and fosters the authentic content that we're all craving. I highly recommend her show. Quotes
Shawne Duperon
6-Time EMMY® Winner and Project: Forgive Founder

Quotes Interviewing with Christina was like having coffee with a good friend. We could have talked for hours. The conversation flowed, and our discussion bloomed. Not to mention I have had quite the response from listeners..."I heard your interview and bought your book," and "I loved your interview! I'm having my mom listen to it." This is effective marketing. There is no better way to get your message out, than allowing people to hear your voice and the passion behind your message. Quotes
Karlene Petitt
Airline Pilot/Author

Quotes I recently appeared on Savvy Radio. From the outset my experience with Christina was nothing but professional and caring. She made me feel comfortable during the entire process. With her help and guidance I felt I was able to get my message across to my target audience. Quotes
Andy Harmelin of AI-Consulting LLC

Quotes My experience with Savvy Central Radio was amazing! I found Christina Nitschmann to be a wise and gifted communicator who has the ability to draw out her client's vision and message to the world. Her ability to intuitively flow with the interview and ask the right questions to her clients is why Savvy Central Radio has over 51,000.00 listener from all walk of life. Weather you are a stay at home mom who just started a business or a entrepreneur who is ready to share your message to the world. Savvy Central Radio will provide the platform and expertise to take your business to the next level". I highly recommend you contact Savvy Central Radio ASAP! Quotes
Luis Soto Jr.
Founder and President of New Life Livining,LLC

Quotes I want to thank Christina Nitschmann of Savvy Central Radio for inviting The Reorganization Management Group to do an interview on her show. We found Christina to be an insightful and energetic host with a sincere interest in our business. She prepared us for the interview and allowed us to speak freely about our practices and customers we have helped, even more so, she took an interest in the people behind RMG allowing us to speak about our personal goals and ambitions- the driving force behind what we do. Christina's sincerity made the event a success. We're looking forward to another invitation to be guests on her show and talk about the growth and accomplishments we've made since our last appearance. RMG still gets inquiries from the interview we did months ago. Quotes
Greg Babli
VP of Operations at Reorganization Management Group

Quotes Within the first few seconds of our interview, I knew Christina was a pro. She had done her homework, knew the subject matter, had a strong, determined, but friendly voice, and we had a lively conversation. Radio personalities need to have a natural talent for talking to people and keeping things interesting for listeners. Christina delivered my message better than I could have done it myself, using attention-getting examples and poignant stories from her own experiences and research. She kept the conversation smooth, easy, and flowing, as if we were face-to-face at a small cocktail party involved in a deep, philosophical discussion about the important things in life, instead of being separated by 2,000 miles of telephone lines. Savvy is the perfect word for Christina's professionalism and interviewing skills. I had a great experience with the guest blog interview and would recommend it without hesitation for anyone wanting to get out a message. Quotes
Maria Sutton - Author
The Night Sky: A Journey from Dachau to Denver and Back

Quotes Thank you for your professionalism! When we were introduced, I immediately realized that your cheerful personality and enthusiasm would lead to a positive and lively interview on your Savvy Central Radio program. Once I completed your pre-interview checklist, and you conducted your pre-interview phone call, I knew that we would be have a most informative dialogue, beneficial to our audience and comfortable for the participants. And, IT WAS! Good things have already resulted from the interview. A couple of examples: 1- I was invited to participate in The New York Small Business Symposium in Manhattan, which had an impressive array of business leaders as presenters. I learned a great deal! I was also able to share valuable info with business owners who were in attendance. 2- I followed your excellent suggestion to use my social media contacts to promote our interview. As I result, I have formulated a new, very promising alliance with a company. Quotes
Vito Mazza
Cash Flow (faster) Consultant

Quotes I had a wonderful experience interviewing with Christina. The preparation process was organized and I felt comfortable with the conversation. I was able to represent my work and my vision well, and it seemed very natural. Christina was a great host and person to work with. I also like the fact that the interview is available via a link to share with others. Quotes
Catarina Rivera Founder of Healthy Kids in the Heights

Quotes We had such a blast on Savvy Central Radio. Christina was well prepared for the interview and was so conversational which made the show flow. Christina truly loves what she does and is passionate about helping others be better on the inside and out. We can't wait to be guests again. Thanks Christina for a great experience. Quotes
Gail Edgell and Traci Brosman
Co-founders of Holistic Marketing Mentors

Quotes Christina is a great interviewer. She pulls out your message and makes your service magnetic to potential customers and clients. Quotes
Debi Berndt /
Relationship Expert and Bestselling Author of LET LOVE IN